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Campaigning - Lobbying - Training - Informing - Influencing - Representing

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Annual Conference 2013
Me and You - Learning Disability Wales Annual Conference 2013: Wednesday, 20 November and Thursday, 21 November 2013 Newport, South Wales: We are delighted to announce that our Annual Conference this year will be focusing on the theme of relationships for people with a learning disability. We will have a lively mix of interactive and informative workshops, speakers and drama looking at friendships, relationships and the people that matter in our lives. Please click here for more information.

Learning Disability Wales are looking for new Trustees 2013-15.
We have five vacancies for new Trustees. We are looking for people with a learning disability, people from our Full Membership and those with an interest in our work to manage Learning Disability Wales and to help us achieve our mission to: Create a Wales that values and includes every child, young person and adult with a learning disability.